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Egyptian Ancient Sights And Tours

Egypt is said to be amongst the hottest attractions just for romantic honeymoon vacation and vacations. Exclusive Ancient Egypt tour for instance is the ideal way to require a cultural tour of all the many cultural attractions from the different places around Egypt.

Cairo is considered the capital city in Egypt thanks to exceptional buildings and even rich background this really is spotted in the several Egyptian attractions or ancient monuments. Often the Cairo Egypt Museum is actually a must see during each Cairo Egypt tour, Great Pyramids of Giza, The Temple Of Ramses, the Cairo Mosques along with Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, include just a small section of the Cairo sights. Discover numerous five star Egypt hotels and accommodation available, depending on your own trip budget.

The actual ancient Egypt town called Luxor includes a number of magnificent sights including significant monuments, temples and tombs from Egyptian kings. Whenever you travel to Luxor, remember to see the Karnak temples, the famous Luxor museum, Thebes on the west Nile bank and also should you be puting up near the Nile Corniche in that case it is easy to make a tour of most historic landmarks.

Sailing on the River Nile gives you an insightful tour from ancient Egypt with cities for instance Aswan, Siwa and even Alexandria that have cultivated Egyptian world for many years. An evening Nile cruise is a splendid option to get colorful sundown upon the river from Cairo, Luxor also Aswan up to Alexandria.

Finalize any Egypt vacations with the Red Sea whose fame dates back in the old biblical era of Moses and the Israelites. This sea is in fact high in minerals, excellent diving sites, sand beaches and major resort amenities for Sharm El Sheikh , Taba & Taba Heights along with Hurghada.

The large Sahara and Sinai desert within Egypt is simply explored on Carmel or even 4 wheel drive. Visiting the high raising dunes on setting sun will make you hope to revisit for yet another adventure trip. There are certain things from the lush desert oasis with endangered fauna.

Egypt Holidays

Get more of the most historic sites you have been reading about in Egpyt studies when you visit on Egypt Holidays and tours

Take a Trip to Iran to Explore Ancient Persian Empire History

A trip to Iran is incomplete if you don't explore ancient Persian empire. Although civilization can be traced back to much beyond the Neolithic Age, yet it is only after the Persian empire was established by Cyrus the Great that you are able to get recorded anecdotes of the history of Iran.

The country abounds with the architectural magnificence made during the reign of the Achaemenids, the Parthians and the Sassanids. There are also reminders of the invasions by the Greeks, Arabs, Turkish and Mongols. The beauty of Iran can be witnessed throughout the country but largely in Persepolis, Pasargadae, Bisotoun and Taq-e-Bostan.


Cyrus the great, the founder of the Achemenid empire, appointed Pasargadae as the first capital city of his dynasty, which is again full of attractive palaces and gardens. Sites worth visiting in this ancient city are the mausoleum of Cyrus and Tall-e-Takht. There is also a royal complex including palace, gardens, audience hall and gatehouse. Many inscriptions on the imposing structures are proof of the royal bearing of Cyrus in this city. The city was eventually ruined by fire caused by enemies. A trip to Iran should surely include Pasargadae in order to understand and explore ancient Persian empire.


Capital of the Achaemenid empire, Persepolis had a beautiful palace complex which is reminiscent of the wealth and power of the kingdom. Ceremonies and receptions were held there until the palace was ruined by Alexander,

One of the wonderful palaces is the famous Apadana audience hall, which has the inscription, "Darius the great king, king of kings, king of countries, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenian, built this palace". The drainage system is one of its kind in the building. Many improvements were added to the palace complex by Xerxes, the son of Darius. These include Darius' palace, Gate of all Nations, Xerxes' palace, Queen's quarters and many more. Iran travel packages never fail to list Persepolis as a part of the itinerary.

Bisotoun & Taq-e-Bostan

You have to see the Bisotoun relief which shows Darius the Great standing against the nine rebels in front of him, who had laid their hands on part of the empire by deception after Cyrus the Great had died. Below this is the trilingual inscription by the great ruler which is a great example of cuneiform writing.

A few miles away are the rock relieves of Sassanid kings at Taq-e-Bostan, together with a spring emerging from a mountain cliff. It is a scene to be watched in winter among the mist and clouds. There are many hunting scene designs carved out on the rocks, which are rather sensational among the rocks.

Well-planned Iran travel packages include all these sights and more and you will be impressed by the rich heritage and culture of Iran.